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TROLLBEADS Summer Collection Launched

Celebrating The Beauty and diversity  Of Nature.
Trollbeads  collection of six new stunning Summer Stones is the perfect combination for a gorgeous summer bracelet. Designed by Trollbeads talented founder, Lise Aagaard, the Summer Stones, launched today, 31st May, feature a   selection of African Amethyst, Dalmatian Jasper, Canadian Jade, Zebra Jasper (Round), Rhyolite and Red Mud Jasper, all genuine, natural materials which are absolutely uniqueChoose the stone which appeals to your own individual style and personality.  African Amethyst is a beautiful purple, the colour of inspiration and art.  Dalmatian Jasper is a symbol of loyalty, resembling the   Dalmatian dog with its black spots. Canadian Jade is said to stimulate creativity, Rhyloite reflects inner calm and strength, while Red Mud Jasper is said to bring joy and energy into life. Zebra Jasper with its organic patterns, reflects the long   evolution of the Earth.If you love a natural look and are fascinated by nature’s magic, you’ll adore   Trollbeads Summer Stones selection.

These pieces are exclusive gemstones to treasure forever. No bead is the same   as the stones vary in colour and natural patterns which show their great age   and genuine beauty.

Don’t forget these beads are limited edition and are only available while   stocks last, so if you’re captivated by their natural beauty make sure you   capture them now before they’re gone.

£23 is a small price to pay for a lovely little piece of nature.